A Moving Movement -Ugandan Fruit Trees

I am moved. Actually, blown away. 


Julia and I asked that people donate funds to plant fruit and nut trees, rather than to give us stuff (we are trying to downsize). Several people donated toward nut trees at the OUR Ecovillage, where our second ceremony and celebration occurred on July 7th. This picture shows us ceremoniously about to plant one of those trees. (Thank you to Michael Geselbracht for his proficient assistance!)

About 40 people gave to a fruit-tree planting project in Uganda inspired by our marriage. Just over $2000 was sent. Over 10,000 fruit trees were planted! 


Moses Ochole, who heads up the Young Leaders of Uganda, inspired well over 1000 children to plant these trees,

 The movement started smaller. As more funds came through, though, it grew!

While Julia and I were happily getting married (one ceremony in Nelson June 29th and one on July 7th) this region in central Uganda declared holidays in honour of our wedding and of these gifts of trees!


Schools throughout the region were closed and the children assembled to help plant more than 10,000 fruit trees!

These are trees that will benefit these children and future children with greater nutrition, shade, stabilized soil and a reduction in greenhouse gases that especially affect developing countries such as Uganda.

How fast will these trees grow?

Below is a picture this same man facilitated the planting of these trees, just five years ago! These trees are now providing ample amounts of fruit today.

More than 10,000 trees have joined them!

To say that we are grateful and awe-struck is an understatement. Thank you to all who helped to make this project what it became!


  1. fantastic- may your union be as fruitful as these trees


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