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Why I support Ian

I would like to share with you some of the many reasons why I support Ian Gartshore for MLA. Ian is informed. He’s involved. He’s insightful and practical. He listens. He looks for solutions. He’s reliable. But, most of all, Ian cares.   When I talk to him, listen to him, see the way he treats people, I absolutely trust that he will do his best for us. For Nanaimo. For British Columbia.   Ian will work with us, individually and collectively, for a thriving economy, a healthy environment, and a caring, connected community. How do I know for sure Ian will do this? He already does.

Article: Were Hooked on Growth, But it Doesn't Have to Be this Way

Imara Jones, economic justice contributor for, writes: "As the New York Stock Exchange reached an all-time high this month, you’d think that the good times were back. But that would be incorrect. What happens on Wall Street has very little to do with what’s going on in the real economy. Corporate profits have never been higher, but — excluding the highest earners — real wages are at a 40 year low ." Read the rest of the story at Nation of Change's mission is, "to help people create a more compassionate, responsible, and value-driven world, powered by communities that focus on positive solutions to social and economic problems. We strive to accomplish this mission through unbiased, independent journalism combined with practical, real-world activism in order to create real-world actionable strategies for change." Check out some of their provokotive and informa

Cultural Creatives and Greens

Paul H. Ray, Ph.D Richard Brendan interviews Paul H. Ray, Ph.D in a recent episode of the Richard Brendan Show about an emerging segment of the population known as Cultural Creatives. Paul and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson (his wife) have tracked the growing demographic for several decades and in this interview he talks about the relationship of Greens to Cultural Creatives. The concern for future generations is one of the core values among cultural creatives who, as the name suggests, are interested in creating cultural and social change. There are less and less people identifying with traditional (rural or country) culture. Many began shifting to a modern cultural perspective following the industrial revolution and many more, since the 1960s, have shifted to a third way of looking at the world -- the Cultural Creatives. Ray and Anderson's book explores what cultural creatives are like, and it turns out sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social activ

What Colour of Green Are you?

Do you think of yourself as green? What about Ian Gartshore, what shade of green do you think he is? There are many shades of green both in the colour spectrum and in the political spectrum and those of us who are supporting Ian in this election are here to show our own true colours. Have a look at this small sampling of possibilities and see if you don't catch yourself saying, "wow, that is sooooo me!" Bright Green You are bright and stunningly, unmistakably, brilliantly green. People turn to you for a rational explanation of things like green technology and why an economy based on infinitely increasing consumption makes no sense. Your clear sight allows you to see the sense in sustainability and the logic of resource stewardship.   Kermit Green Kermit the Frog was born in 1955. If you were too, it could be that you are Kermit Green. Kermit greens are sometimes melancholy, usually calm-headed, and al

Desire for change

As I talk with people I am hearing a common theme: they are tired of the "same old same old" when it comes to politics in British Columbia. It appears to most that the NDP will form the next government -and so we will swing back over to the left. Back and forth, back and forth. Yet little seems to improve. The other common theme I hear is that people are tired of the bickering and slamming of one party by the other. They want to hear something positive for a change. I am happy to offer positive solutions that involve working cooperatively with the other parties for the sake of our province. That bring high-quality jobs back to our local communities. That balances the interests of companies, unions and especially the majority of us who aren't either. It appears that this election will bring about some surprises. Given that people are now aware that Greens are electable (Elizabeth May, whom increasing numbers of people are respecting) the notion of voting Green this t