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A Third Approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic; Diversifying our Options

The issue A tremendous amount of fear and anger are presently being felt and expressed in our society over the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are tired of the restrictions, especially the lack of easy physical proximity and/or contact, and all of us want this to be over. Those who will not (or cannot) be vaccinated are concerned about their health. Those who have been vaccinated but fear being infected by the un-vaccinated also fear for their health, and believe that if everyone did accept the vaccine the pandemic would finally end. Health authorities and the province are putting a lot of pressure on the un-vaccinated to get the jab. The un-compliant are experiencing a great deal of shaming and shunning. Some of these have become angry (shame often does that) and/or depressed ; some have become militant, organising marches on hospitals and other public sites. This only enrages the public. The battle lines deepen. Nobody is winning this battle. Let’s step back for a moment here.