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Words or Action?

I am mailing the following letter to B.C.'s premier, two cabinet ministers, and Adam Olson as I believe this issue cuts to the core of our relationship with Indigenous peoples and sets the direction of the future of British Columbia. Are we really prepared to leave behind our colonial past, or do so in words only? Feel free to also mail your version (or a copy of) this letter. The more people that actually snail mail the government the more likely their words will be put into action. I am grateful that a retired journalist and a member of the Anglican church in Nelson took the time to research and write this letter. Hon. John Horgan, Premier of BC Legislative Assembly West Annex Parliament Buildings   Victoria , BC V8V 1X4 RE: BC Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act Dear Premier Horgan: I was pleased to note from the government website

A Moving Movement -Ugandan Fruit Trees

I am moved. Actually, blown away.    Julia and I asked that people donate funds to plant fruit and nut trees, rather than to give us stuff (we are trying to downsize). Several people donated toward nut trees at the OUR Ecovillage, where our second ceremony and celebration occurred on July 7th. This picture shows us ceremoniously about to plant one of those trees. (Thank you to Michael Geselbracht for his proficient assistance!) About 40 people gave to a fruit-tree planting project in Uganda inspired by our marriage. Just over $2000 was sent. Over 10,000 fruit trees were planted!    Moses Ochole, who heads up the Young Leaders of Uganda , inspired well over 1000 children to plant these trees,  The movement started smaller. As more funds came through, though, it grew! While Julia and I were happily getting married (one ceremony in Nelson June 29th and one on July 7th) this region in central Uganda declared holidays in honour of our wedding and of these gifts of tree

Family at my Weddings

I am honoured that my father and other family members were able to witness the weddings (yes, two!) of Julia Roberts and myself, June 29th in Nelson and July 7th at the OUR Ecovillage, near Shawnigan Lake. I especially love my Dad! Check out our ties. Nearly identical reds! But not as impressive are our smiles. Do we look happy together?  You betcha! Julia and I with Dad and Nancy. My brother David and sister Jennifer, obviously having a very good time with our Dad! On the far left are my brother Brian and his wife Heather. It's very hard to believe I conducted their wedding in 1986! More pics to come!

Thank you for your donation!

This post serves the purpose of thanking those who donated funds for fruit or nut trees to OUR Ecovillage or to Young Leaders Uganda. Thank you SO much for your donation! A receipt will be given to you if your contact information was left at the time of making the donation. You have just made a difference to the world.

Fruit/nut trees gifts

What is one of the best ways to reduce Greenhouse Gases, improve local food reliance and improve local economies? Plant trees, especially ones that produce edible food or other valuable resources. As a wedding gift to Ian and Julia you and others can donate funds used to plan trees in either the non-profit eco-educational OUR Ecovillage near Shawnigan Lake (Vancouver Island) or to schools and communities in Uganda. OUR Ecovillage has a charitable arm that will issue you an income tax receipt. You can buy seedlings in $10 increments. These will be nut trees, part of creating their Zero Mile Eatery. They will care for the trees. To donate to this project do click on this nut symbol: 🌰 Trees in Uganda will help improve nutritional levels of school children with healthy fruit, a food they often lack. While your donation to Young Leaders Uganda (Yolou; ) will not give you a tax receipt it will provide far more trees per dollar and have a bigger imp