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Ian's Pick for the 2018 Civic Election

With 40 council candidates picking people is a daunting task!   Thankfully many of these candidates are excellent. With no reservation my top three picks are Erin Hemmens (which is why I am on her campaign team), Tyler Brown and Ben Geselbracht . Why them? Because: Erin is an amazing team builder. That would be enough reason to pick her on its own. But she is insightful, wise, caring, community-minded, an excellent listener who sees the strengths in others. And more, such as knowing how to work with difficult people. Tyler I do not know nearly as well, but what he brings in terms of the practical knowledge of how we can become a far better city is totally invaluable. He is young, smart, a team-player, insightful, a straight-shooter, able to hold people accountable, yet caring. Ben is a passionate community guy who knows how to improve our city where it counts. He cares about people, listens well, is a great team player, and has tons of wisdom. He would help us become