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Why Growing Housing Unaffordability and Homelessness?

All three levels of government have contributed to these growing problems. 1. Federal: Cancellation of tax breaks for rental construction in the 1970’s. Cancellation of building affordable housing Allowing housing to become an investment (see more on this, below)  2. Provincial: Cancellation of building affordable housing Social assistance (including for disabled persons) has not kept up to the cost of housing. Not even close Until recently: a lack of building standards that reduce the cost of heating a home (poor insulation, single clear pane windows, drafty homes cost a lot more to heat) Lack of adequate assistance for relationships in distress leads to separations, spousal abuse, broken families, alcohol and drug abuse and homelessness The high cost of transportation dependent on owning cars Lack of illness-prevention strategies, leading to loss of income and a taxed health-care system 3. Municipal: The desire to accommodate the single occupancy motor vehicle drivin

Letter to Nanaimo City Council re: decision to not fund the NRE

You will undoubtedly know that I am unhappy with your decision to not fund the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange’s new facility. I understand that your legal counsel advised you that you cannot donate money to a non-profit entity that is competing with for-profit companies, and that if you could donate it would require a plebiscite. I can fully appreciate your desire to save the taxpayer’s money. You wish to be both responsible and legal. This is good and right. What I wish to now bring to your attention are the premises (assumptions) that appear to have led to your decision. I believe these premises have no basis in fact; hence (if I am correct) your decision is not the result of legal counsel nor is it the most responsible one. I will outline what I believe are your incorrect premises here and provide more detail later on. I appreciate that you are given a lot of reading to do. Premise #1: The other recyclers are accomplishing what the NRE had been doing. Even if they knew ho