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Should Nanaimo accept Vancouver's garbage?

Should Nanaimo be the site to burn garbage from the lower mainland? As I see it: Pro: As an energy advisor I know that the more local source of electricity we generate the more stable the electrical grid becomes.  The proposed plant would yield little actual power output; not much more than the potential of power being generated from our drinking water supply (gravity-fed from the mountains). But every bit of power counts. It is FAR better to burn garbage than it is to landfill it in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Why? Rotting compostable materials in the absence of oxygen (typical in dumps) create enormous amounts of methane gas, thousands of times more powerful in changing climate than is the carbon dioxide created when incinerating the same material. Local construction and maintenance jobs would be created. Local garbage could be incinerated. The waste heat could be used by another facility (which would then be responsible for the emissions, giving the i

Letter regarding the Colliery Dams

Comptroller of Water Rights Post Office Box 9340 Station Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9M1 Re: File D720001-00 and D720002-00 June 15, 2013 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with regard to the application made by the City of Nanaimo to remove and rebuild two dams located on the Chase River within the bounds of the City. When attending Nanaimo’s city council meeting June 10 th I was surprised to hear Mr. Kenning, the City Manager, indicate that the City had failed to consult with the Snuneymuxw First Nation before or even immediately after Council’s decision to change its plans to now include re-building these two dams. By abandoning its plans to re-naturalise the Chase River, and without making concrete plans about how or when the dams would be re-built, the well-being of the river below the dams is put into question. As the Snuneymuxw First Nation has treaty rights to this productive river any negative impact on the river, including expected lowered summer and

Post-election assessment

My friends and supporters, I want to begin by offering a heart-felt thank you . I mean it. A candidate can’t do much alone. You made all the difference. When you came to events, smiled at me in an all candidate’s meeting, donated, helped out, encouraged your friends, “liked” the Facebook page, volunteered in other ways, etc. etc. etc. –this is what made the difference ! So, thank you. While most of the province is in shock, and we would have wished for more Green votes, I see that we have actually turned a corner as a movement and a Party. This was a direct result of our hard work, dedication, imagination, fun(!) and more. Your involvement made a real difference. Together we managed to inspire a greater 30 – 65% more Green support in the two Nanaimo riding's! As someone put it, “ We are part of the change that has to occur, even when we are not aware of our contribution to it.” We can celebrate Andrew Weaver’s win. Finally there will be a different voice in Vi

How to Save Our Health Care System

The health care system itself is on life-support The increasing demands on our health care system, the obvious stresses to the system, to the provincial budget and to our own pocketbooks (skyrocketing pharmaceuticals ) indicates it's time for a significant change in direction. Emergency ward physicians at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital are again sounding the alarm about being overwhelmed by the volume of patients accessing the ward. Solutions so far have been limited to increasing funding, privatising services, reducing nursing qualifications, and building more facilities. With nearly half of the province's budget now allocated to health care, and in light of the aging population and growing health problems among younger people, our current approach is not sustainable. We need an approach that focuses on health and wellness rather than illness. Before trying to cure ill people, we need to get serious about keeping people healthy. The Canadian Cancer Socie