Green Support Surging!

As a former political candidate I, of course, monitor what is going on politically. Not only does this personally interest me, I am also aware that just one change in policy by some government can wipe out all that I have done to improve our environment, the quality of life, the economy, and our collective future.

I have been aware for some time that here on Vancouver Island (and spreading across Canada to some extent) there is a sea-shift going on. Both the provincial and federal Green Party's are being taken far more seriously. They are capturing the imaginations of many who have not voted for some time (if ever). Elizabeth May and Andrew Weaver have proven this because there the voter turnouts were extremely high. What’s more, many who have voted for other parties are now seriously considering voting Green.

I have heard so many people fearfully saying that they are afraid of “splitting the vote” and thereby letting the current government win again. This is now far from certain due to the growing distaste of Stephen Harper by even strong Conservatives (for some very good reasons). But here on V.I. and the lower mainland electing Conservative MP's are virtually not possible. Today a poll confirms what many of us who have been door knocking already know: especially here on the Island it is firmly a two-way race between the NDP and Greens. In fact, the Green support is fully double that of the Conservatives!

Another recent poll shows that well over half the population is considering voting Green:

My take-away: more people are now aware that we cannot continue on our current path as a nation and a world, and understand that only the Green Party offers solutions that boost the economy (small, local businesses), the environment (phase out fossil fuels and replace them with the economically superior renewable energy and especially energy efficiency measures), enjoy local representation(Green MP’s vote according to the wishes of their constituents, not their party whips),improve health outcomes and a Canada that actually works. Many former Conservatives (including me) have or are switching to Green. Green NDP’ers are as well, knowing that there is really only one true Green Party. And the disenfranchised are getting involved, realising that they have the most power: they represent more votes than were given to ANY party in the last election!

I am glad, as democracy has been on life-support for a while now. Without it we will be no better off than are many other nations on earth with despots running the show. NOW we have hope in a more truly representative government, as Greens may very well be poised to hold the balance of power in a (likely) minority parliament!


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