What Colour of Green Are you?

Do you think of yourself as green? What about Ian Gartshore, what shade of green do you think he is? There are many shades of green both in the colour spectrum and in the political spectrum and those of us who are supporting Ian in this election are here to show our own true colours. Have a look at this small sampling of possibilities and see if you don't catch yourself saying, "wow, that is sooooo me!"

Bright Green
You are bright and stunningly, unmistakably, brilliantly green. People turn to you for a rational explanation of things like green technology and why an economy based on infinitely increasing consumption makes no sense. Your clear sight allows you to see the sense in sustainability and the logic of resource stewardship.  
Kermit Green
Kermit the Frog was born in 1955. If you were too, it could be that you are Kermit Green. Kermit greens are sometimes melancholy, usually calm-headed, and always patient and kind as they provide an ethical core for the rest of the troupe. Social justice and non-violence are values that draw you to the Green Party.
Jade Green
Some might call you flinty but that is just because they don’t know what you are truly made of. Like the precious stone, your green is not just skin deep, but goes right to your core. You can hob nob with the big wigs and bring a classy air to every event you attend.  Gender equality, and a community based economy make sense to your entrepreneurial sensibilities.
Hunter Green
Waterfowl Without Bounds and other conservation groups have their share of green members who love nature first and foremost as a source of recreation and resources, but secondarily, especially later in life, in a “ground of our being” sort of way. Life moves from nature through you and you can’t imagine going for long without some time spent outdoors.
Lime Green
You are so green you’re citrus. That is the polite way of saying um, well, astringent.  But that limy bite can really be valuable when interacting on the political stage. And with a little sweetness, you can be a real treat at a party.  
Forest Green
Cool and determined, you can be woodsy and quiet but also strong as a Douglas fir. This shade of green has something of Yoda and something of Julia Butterfly Hill in it. You know that raw log exports are not good for BC in the long run, and that value added is a value worth adding to the BC economy.
Mint Green
Green is the colour of money and you see the opportunities in renewable energy, local and organic farming, and other ethical and life giving business practices.
Grass Green
Your core value is grass roots democracy and you know that decentralization is a way for the people most affected by a problem to regain some of the means to solve it. Bureaucracy is more than just inefficient use of government resources to you, it is a systemic malady that separates due-process from the goals that systems were set up to achieve.
Sea Green
Time on the water produces a shade of green that has a hint of the vastness of the deep about it. You see the big picture, brood on the dark and the light in the world, and work hard when the nets need tending.  Over-fishing, tanker traffic, and water quality are real concerns for you.
Green Party of BC Green
When set against the vibrant greens above, the green of the Green Party of BC at first seems kind of ordinary. And of course, that is just what it is. The green party is made up of ordinary people who care about their communities, their families, and their province and are looking for new ways of governing that looks beyond the wisdom of the last century, towards an ecological wisdom that understands that whatever we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.


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