Sunday, March 10, 2013

Desire for change

As I talk with people I am hearing a common theme: they are tired of the "same old same old" when it comes to politics in British Columbia. It appears to most that the NDP will form the next government -and so we will swing back over to the left. Back and forth, back and forth. Yet little seems to improve.

The other common theme I hear is that people are tired of the bickering and slamming of one party by the other. They want to hear something positive for a change.

I am happy to offer positive solutions that involve working cooperatively with the other parties for the sake of our province. That bring high-quality jobs back to our local communities. That balances the interests of companies, unions and especially the majority of us who aren't either.

It appears that this election will bring about some surprises. Given that people are now aware that Greens are electable (Elizabeth May, whom increasing numbers of people are respecting) the notion of voting Green this time around seems a lot less like "throwing away" their vote.

The reality is that the only "wasted" votes are those not cast at all. In the last election that was about half of the eligible population!  By seeing the Greens as a viable and positive alternative to the usual way of doing politics maybe these folk will show up on May 14th and change Victoria!

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