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Political Integrity

As one who has run for political office I always tried to campaign as I live: with integrity. I'm certainly not perfect, but I do my best to live with honesty, respect and more.

I know all too well that there are many politicians who will do what it takes to win an election, including lying, making promises they cannot (or will not) keep, and bowing to the wishes of their funders rather than the electorate.

Thus I am most concerned about a well-supported accusation that one of the local councillor candidates for Nanaimo's Council, who barely gained enough votes to be reelected, has been accused of breaking Elections BC rules on voting day (November 15, 2014). There is evidence strongly suggesting that she engaged her supporters through social media -even after being told by Elections BC that day that she was breaking the rules.

I have written Elections BC requesting that they investigate. They are the best body to do so. If the allegations are correct, and that she continued …

Choosing Nanaimo's next Council

As I reflect on the Nanaimo municipal election November 15th I am aware that the candidates have real skills and talent, so the choice is very difficult. I think I could work with virtually all of them (a good sign!).

So how to choose? I made up a list of my values and then tried to rate the candidates based on that list. Not an easy task. There are a lot of candidates, many of whom I do not know. I sourced my information from in-person, on-line, newspaper and the opinion of others.

Oh, and because incumbents usually get enough votes I have not included them on this list; although Fred Pattje earns my respect because he goes to the most community events, takes personal interest in connecting with people, is willing to take on city staff, is a team player, is an independent thinker, is willing to change his mind (e.g. Leadercast), understands how to make the city more sustainable and shows his care for people and the city.
I chose based on my perception of their ability to:

1. conn…

Engaging the Community for Positive Outcomes

Too often citizens feel frustrated and unheard/valued by elected officials and their staff.

In Nanaimo on October 4th about 100 people gathered for a community event that heard both local and international folk talk about how they are creating more vibrant communities by putting waste resources into better use. This reduces pollution, saves resources, creates jobs, and brings decision-making back into local control.

The results of the day are phenomenal! Great ideas are being sent to the Regional District's solid waste management plan (who needs an incinerator!). A local Zero Waste organisation is likely to be formed, and could be the base of B.C.'s Zero Waste chapter.

This is what happens when citizens are given an opportunity to learn and then be heard!

Zero Waste conference in Nanaimo Oct 2-4, 2014


Appreciating our city's elected officials


A response to Nanaimo's proposed Transportation Plan

The City of Nanaimo has just released its proposed Transportation Master Plan. This plan is designed to take us 25 years into the future. Very tragically the proposed Plan does little to take us away from the very expensive existing car-centric city we currently pay for.

In this 13 page document I outline how it could be vastly improved so as to save us money and improve the city's sustainability, leading us to better health, lower costs, and far more. It requires us to work together, adjust to significant (positive!) changes. It means making it possible to cycle safely, use buses that are frequent and fast, invest in infrastructure and in carsharing, and more.

To view the slides and text to my 5 minute presentation to City Council May 26, 2014, click here.

To see the Council meeting and the 10 presentations about the Transportation Plan, including mine (second one on the list) you can view it here. The presentations start at about 15 minutes.

The picture above could become our …

Plea to the Regional District of Nanaimo to support the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange