Zero Waste conference in Nanaimo Oct 2-4, 2014

With Metro Vancouver threatening our immediate coastal communities with up to 7 garbage incinerators, the international zero waste community is coming to Nanaimo to help us defeat this plan with some sane, sustainable, solutions that create way more jobs, too!
International Zero Waste Conference in Nanaimo Oct 2-4, 2014

Next week, starting Thursday the 2nd, over 30 international speakers who know how to put waste materials back into use and create jobs, will be coming to Nanaimo. First time in Canada! They normally meet in major cities. We convinced the host, Zero Waste Canada, to pick us over Toronto and Vancouver!

Nanaimo welcomes them!

If you care about reducing global warming, increasing local jobs and economic opportunities, and providing a future for our children then do come to one or more events!

Pre-conference Monday the 29th 6:30 p.m. The film Trashed will be shown at the Nanaimo VIU campus, Building 356, Rm. 109. This is a very informative film about what is happening in a very quickly expanding business of handling waste! Then the conference will show us how to improve in this regard! No admission cost.

Thursday Oct 2 The Coast Bastion hotel, Nanaimo
Conference begins at 8:15 a.m. Keynote speaker: from New York, Dr. Paul Connett, author of The Zero Waste Solution. This is Dr. Connett’s second time speaking in Nanaimo. Following his first visit in 1989 the region’s plans for a local incinerator went sideways and we became the leading recycling community in western Canada.

Thursday evening film: The Clean Bin Project, a fun film about a couple who tried to live zero waste for 1 year! VIU, Nanaimo campus, Building 356, Rm. 109. Starts at 7 p.m. No admission cost.

Friday Oct 3 The Coast Bastion hotel, Nanaimo
Keynote speaker: the funny and insightful Dan Phillips, founder of Phoenix Commotion. He is a builder and designer from Texas. Phillips will provide the audience with an in depth look into re-purposed building methods.

Friday evening DANCE: Resources Rock! Featuring the highly danceable live music of Paul and Jess. For all ages, and includes refreshments! Beer and wine will be available for sale. More info and tickets   Tickets are also on sale at the Thirsty Camel and the Green Store in Nanaimo, and Shades of Green in Parksville.

Saturday Oct 4 Christ Community Church, corner of Bowen and Northfield (2221 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo) 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The Community event! “From Trash to Treasures”, featuring

  • international and local speakers, including one from Italy who led the movement to stop incinerators and a local gal who turns pallets into furniture!
  •  a creative children’s program,
  •  free bicycle repair,
  • household items and appliance repair -free of charge!
  • an opportunity to have a major say about future government programs (no incinerators required!)
  • Zero Waste Youth International meets
  • catered lunch available

Saturday’s tickets are only $15 for adults, all others free! Can’t afford to come? Make a donation at the door! The children’s program, repair programs and youth event are free!

Be a part of at least one historical event. They will all be great! Let’s show the world it was worth coming all the way here to improve the way we live our lives!

For more information or to get tickets online go to


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