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Thank you for your donation!

This post serves the purpose of thanking those who donated funds for fruit or nut trees to OUR Ecovillage or to Young Leaders Uganda. Thank you SO much for your donation! A receipt will be given to you if your contact information was left at the time of making the donation. You have just made a difference to the world.

Fruit/nut trees gifts

What is one of the best ways to reduce Greenhouse Gases, improve local food reliance and improve local economies? Plant trees, especially ones that produce edible food or other valuable resources. As a wedding gift to Ian and Julia you and others can donate funds used to plan trees in either the non-profit eco-educational OUR Ecovillage near Shawnigan Lake (Vancouver Island) or to schools and communities in Uganda. OUR Ecovillage has a charitable arm that will issue you an income tax receipt. You can buy seedlings in $10 increments. These will be nut trees, part of creating their Zero Mile Eatery. They will care for the trees. To donate to this project do click on this nut symbol: 🌰 Trees in Uganda will help improve nutritional levels of school children with healthy fruit, a food they often lack. While your donation to Young Leaders Uganda (Yolou; ) will not give you a tax receipt it will provide far more trees per dollar and have a bigger imp