Fruit/nut trees gifts

What is one of the best ways to reduce Greenhouse Gases, improve local food reliance and improve local economies?

Plant trees, especially ones that produce edible food or other valuable resources.

As a wedding gift to Ian and Julia you and others can donate funds used to plan trees in either the non-profit eco-educational OUR Ecovillage near Shawnigan Lake (Vancouver Island) or to schools and communities in Uganda.

OUR Ecovillage has a charitable arm that will issue you an income tax receipt. You can buy seedlings in $10 increments. These will be nut trees, part of creating their Zero Mile Eatery. They will care for the trees. To donate to this project do click on this nut symbol:


Trees in Uganda will help improve nutritional levels of school children with healthy fruit, a food they often lack. While your donation to Young Leaders Uganda (Yolou; will not give you a tax receipt it will provide far more trees per dollar and have a bigger impact on their community.

Either gift is wonderful to us!

I have had a relationship with Yolou for quite a few years, led by Moses Ochole, a very dedicated community leader. The trees this man (above) is carrying were purchased by Moses' family as a wedding gift to Julia and I.  Such joy for us, and for the children and community there!

Pictured to the right is a picture of children planting some of the trees that his family donated as a wedding gift to Julia and Ian.

If you want to contribute to the planting of more of these trees then click on the donate button below. Funds have to be channeled through Ian's energy company (to satisfy Paypal's rules). Every dollar will go to Uganda. Ian will donate the transfer fee.

Thank you very much!  Ian & Julia


  1. A lovely idea for your wedding presents! <3

  2. I am glad you agree, Julie! In the case of the Ugandans it will make the difference between death and life for many. At the OUR Ecovillage more trees will make them more sustainable, a shining gem of an example of sustainability in an otherwise troubled world.


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