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How to Create Good Jobs and a Better Economy

Until later in March of this year (2016) the province is looking for feedback on their plans to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG). Of course they can't accomplish this and proceed with their uneconomical and polluting Liquefied Natural Gas plans. But they have other ideas that look promising. Check them out at You can also leave your comments by following the link provided. Even if you offer only a couple of ideas to them this will accomplish two things: They will know we care about jobs and the environment. They may also learn something new, or realise there is more support for one idea than they had imagined! For the record here's what I submitted. If you like any of them feel free to plagiarise. Steal away! 1. Shift the priority away from the uneconomical (and GHG emitting) LNG industry to instead support BC's potential in wave, wind, solar and geothermal power production. Encourage smaller-scal

A Better Economy Without Fossil Fuels

What does it mean for our local economy and local jobs when virtually all of the money for electricity and fuels leaves the community?  It is not good.  Is it truly possible to create clean electricity locally, create good jobs here, AND stop paying fossil fuel companies those high prices? Yes! British Columbia already has cleaner electricity than does Alberta (where it is mostly coal-fired). Clean (much cheaper) electricity could power our transportation sector. Electric trains, electric or hydrogen buses, electric or compressed air cars, and far more cycling and walking paths would all contribute enormously to reducing the costs and pollution. Creating local jobs producing that clean electricity, such as is being generated at the local landfill and the drinking water pipeline coming out of the local mountains, is more than possible. Here we could be erecting wind turbines (perhaps Mount Benson, or the valley behind it), solar panels on most roofs, tidal power (this alone could d