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To Make Nanaimo Affordable and Better

In light of Nanaimo’s aging population (somewhat higher than Canada’s and even B.C.’s) and that the future looks dim without a greater immigration and retention of younger adults (called “the Millenniums”) who are keen to have a planet worth living on, what does Nanaimo need to do to survive and thrive? A Master’s thesis written by Lan Le Diem Tran, a Millennial who hails from Vietnam, answers this question. Her thesis focused on leisure mobility in Nanaimo for Millennials (born 1984 to 1996). After surveying them in 2016 she concludes that in order to thrive Nanaimo needs to attract and retain talented workers by greatly improving our sustainable transportation system. Young adults want to live in mid-sized cities such as Nanaimo, especially with the natural beauty and amenities offered here if such cities catch up on sustainable transportation, including far more transit and active options afforded by dedicated cycling and walking infrastructure. They want an affordable,

How to Save Our Health Care System

The health care system itself is on life-support The increasing demands on our health care system, the obvious stresses to the system, to the provincial budget and to our own pocketbooks (skyrocketing pharmaceuticals ) indicates it's time for a significant change in direction. Emergency ward physicians at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital are again sounding the alarm about being overwhelmed by the volume of patients accessing the ward. Solutions so far have been limited to increasing funding, privatising services, reducing nursing qualifications, and building more facilities. With nearly half of the province's budget now allocated to health care, and in light of the aging population and growing health problems among younger people, our current approach is not sustainable. We need an approach that focuses on health and wellness rather than illness. Before trying to cure ill people, we need to get serious about keeping people healthy. The Canadian Cancer Socie

My campaign platform

This week I was invited to submit a few paragraphs to a popular local blog, saying what my campaign platform was about.  I appreciate the opportunity! What I wrote about are the areas I hear the most concern about: Jobs, health, the environment, and how to pay for all of these.  The exercise of being concise, yet detailed enough to cover the many important subjects, is a good exercise. If you wish to see what I wrote, the summary can be found at the Go Nanaimo Blog .